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    Our services are valued by our clients all over Latvia

    We always provide high-quality services for the best prices for individual persons and businesses. All our services have a warranty period


    Conditionair installed

    Ower 1000 heat pumps ( air Conditioner) have been installed and maintained over the years. The count is still growing. Besides the air Conditioner, several ventilation solutions have been provided for large industry buildings.


    Complete Project

    Ower 5000 washing machines connected to the pipes and all kinds of difficult plumbing services are provided to customers all over Latvia.

    Main Services

    We provide most popular
    repair services


    Quality Testing

    Before Summer you need to balance the air conditioner to achieve the expected result


    Heating Services

    Clean air, by cleaning the device before intensive use, as dust will block the flow


    AC Installation

    Fight the heat with a modern nature-friendly air-cooling solution

    20 000+

    Consultations provided


    Offices serviced

    10 000+

    Project Complete

    10 000+

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    Empower lifes forever better living

    We will save you time and money by doing it once correctly.

    Expert Repairman

    We have invested a lot of time into our expertise, therefore, we can deliver high-quality services to our customers.

    Satisfied Services

    All our services come with a warranty in case unexpected things happen we will always resolve the issue in terms of our warranty

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    Making technology again
    working for you

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    If you would like to know basic of how to service Conditioner, then the video library is for you

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